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Sexual Health and Some Ways to Achieve It How you define sexual health will depend on various factors. Different cultures and/or individuals, tend to have different opinions regarding this topic. Because of this, it is not easy to settle on one definition of sexual health alone. For most people, it mostly involves the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and/or infections, as well as, unplanned pregnancies. But there are still a lot of people who think that there is more to sexual health than this purpose alone. Actually, it encompasses an individual’s physical, emotional and social well-being. When people talk about sexual health, they seem to restrict its boundaries to sexual behavior alone. But sexuality involves so much more. It includes your views of your body and gender and your ideals, values, attitude and behavior towards your sexuality. Understanding your sexuality has a significant role in determining who you are and in how you express yourself. Your friends, family, religion, culture and experiences, may help you to better understand your sexuality. This is what makes your views on sexuality unique. To ensure sexual health, it is important that you accept your sexuality and learn to appreciate it. It is a natural part of you anyway. Various sources of information including people closest to you, can help enlighten you regarding questions you’ve been meaning to ask about sexual health. You can talk about sexual health with them or experience it in ways you desire. It is only through your efforts that you can gain a better understanding about sexual health. You will have to learn about sexual rights, too. If you can recognize these rights, you can learn to respect it for the benefit of others.
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Feeling confident about your sexual health is important. As you get older, you also acquire characteristics that are apparent in every sexually healthy person. For instance, you can communicate with others respectfully, regardless if they are male or female. Being communicative about your sexual issues, limits, intentions and activities, is important. Sexual health is assured if an individual can develop friendships and/or relationships even without any sexual plans. You also understand that intimacy can be presented in various ways other than being physical about it. Those who are sexually healthy also know their body well enough to appreciate it and be confident about it. Even so, you know your boundaries and limits. You are also aware of the consequences of your sexual activities and make gain something positive when doing it. Also, despite conflicting views, you are open to the preference and values of others when it comes to sexual health. You are also sexually healthy if you can be responsible in caring for your body and ensuring that it is kept safe and healthy. And, you also know about sexual union and its many aspects.Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Health