Hormone Replacement Therapy: Breast Cancer Risk In Perspective

Many women have concluded that recent study results show that hormone replacement therapy increases breast cancer risk. A closer look at this study shows that the increase in risk was far less than half a per cent a year and may not be due to hormone
Janet M., a fifties-something woman, entered my office and said as she sat down, “I’ve read that if I take hormones I’ll increase my breast cancer risk. I’m going crazy without sleep and with these mood swings, but I don’t want to increase my breast cancer risk by taking hormones.”

Like many women, Janet heard that a recent study, the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), definitively showed that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) at menopause increases breast cancer risk. Janet, like most people who heard about this study, didn’t realize that the WHI study found no statistically significant increase in breast cancer risk to women who … Read More

Buy an ejuice: A perfect companion for your e cigarette!!

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An artificial pancreas is being tested in a clinical trial

Researchers are testing an artificial pancreas as part of the last step before seeking regulatory approval to use it. Success in the clinical trials could be a life-changing breakthrough for people living with type 1 diabetes.

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The artificial pancreas is being tested by a team from Yale and colleagues from around the US and the world. It focuses on an integrated system which automatically monitors blood glucose levels and provides either just insulin or a mix of insulin and another hormone. The system could replace the need for diabetes sufferers to have to rely on finger-stick testing or continuous glucose monitoring and separate insulin delivery devices.

Range of trials

Four separate trials involving a range of experts, including clinical trial assistants, are currently being carried out and Yale is involved in two.

There has been ongoing development of the artificial pancreas for over ten years. In 2015, devices … Read More

Yves Jeanniot In Lyon, Dr Jeanniot & Dr Darcissac

Dr. Lyon completed his undergraduate education at Dartmouth College, where he studied biochemistry and molecular biology. Specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery: hand, microsurgery, maxilla-facial, plastic and basic aesthetic surgery in Paris. She is usually really beneficial and friendly, and guarantees that every patient feels like the most critical individual right from the initial make contact with our clinic in chirurgien esthétique lyon. Actively participates in conferences and education courses devoted to modern day therapeutic and preventive strategies employed in aesthetic medicine. A specialist nurse who has worked with Dr Samir Ibrahim for more than 11 years at the Obagi Hospital in Saudi Arabia and now at the Mandala Clinic. Oto-neuro Surgeon Because 1987 far more than 1,200 Acoustic Neuromas and Meningiomas of the Cerebello Pontine angle operated.

The surgical therapy for Obesity called bariatric surgery is in reality a major therapeutic advance and represents the only therapy which … Read More