The FDA’s New Advice on Seafood for Pregnant Women

Most pregnant women don’t eat enough seafood. This is due to concerns about mercury contamination, even though most seafood is actually completely safe for pregnant women to eat.

Seafood for Pregnant Women

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Because of this, the FDA have released a new chart that explains what pregnant women can eat and what they should avoid.

Previous Seafood Advice was Unclear

The FDA first issued advice about seafood for pregnant women in 2004. The guidance included recommendations on how much seafood pregnant women can eat, as well as which species should be avoided due to high levels of mercury.

However critics claimed that the guide was unclear and confusing. They believe that it scared many pregnant women away from eating seafood all together as they weren’t sure what food was safe and healthy and what wasn’t. The problem is very real. The FDA analysed fish consumption data from more than one thousand pregnant women … Read More